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Trustee Property & InCityNow

Trustee Property a.k.a. InCityNow a.k.a. Oracle Estates took over the management of one of our properties at the end of 2017. The company comprised of Mohammed Sharif Miah (who prefers to go by the names “Sharif” and for some reason “Alex”) and another guy who I will call Matthew (not his real name), both of whom are from Oldham in Greater Manchester.

We dealt exclusively with Matthew at first, who seemed friendly and professional. And for over a year things were running without issue… but then suddenly and as it turned out, unfortunately, Matthew left the business.

Sharif continued to pay rent on time but in every other way was setting off alarm bells left, right and centre. By now we had also signed over another property to Trustee Property but Sharif was allowing insurance to lapse and council tax to go unpaid – which we had to chase him for repeatedly.

The inspection videos that we were supposed to receive once per month also stopped.

Trustee Property is dissolved

The bombshell came one day when he text to ask if we could send him our bank details as he had dissolved his company “on the advice of his accountant” and needed to pay us from a different account.

[…] please can you send us your bank details for [redacted] and the penthouse so we can transfer the monies the current bank is closed we decided to dissolve the company after advice from our accountants your contract will still be honoured under our new company name Incitynow Ltd (12436784) which is actually always been our trading name I will put everything on an email for your reassurance and I will get the videos you asked for next week hopefully by Wednesday and the business bank has not been sorted yet so will be coming from my account S Miah for this month thanks Alex

Sharif Miah, 28th of February 2020

He sent the message on the 28th of February, but when I checked I could see that Trustee Property was actually dissolved nearly a month earlier on the 4th of February.

Interestingly, the “InCityNow Ltd. (12436784)” that he detailed in his message was established only on the 3rd of February 2020 – just days after “InCityNow Limited (11097226)” was itself dissolved.

With all the other warnings that he had set off over the last few weeks, dissolving the company that was contracted to manage our properties without any warning at all and leaving us completely exposed was the last straw.

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