Ryan Lavery

Name: Ryan Lavery
Location: Downpatrick, County Down
Ebay: ballyn_81 (confirmed), termc4 (possibly)

I recently decided to go all-digital with my console games, both for the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro, in order to save space. This meant that I had a load of physical games to sell which went on Amazon, eBay and Facebook.

I listed the games at just below the current going rates in order to shift them quickly, and I also provided free 2nd class postage to sweeten the deal. On Amazon and eBay the games were selling like hot cakes, but not so much on Facebook where it seems time-wasters outnumber genuine buyers approximately 10000:1. As an aside, I wouldn’t bother listing games on Facebook again.


Yusaf Shabbir

Name: Yusaf Shabbir
Location: Hackney, London
Ebay: yusaf1907

Yusaf Shabbir of Hackney in London messaged me to ask if I could sell him one of the 200GB Sandisk Ultra Micro SD cards that was listed for £29.99 (with free shipping) for £25. Given that such cards were selling like hot cakes at this price, I declined and pointed out that the listed price was already a good one. Yusaf replied:

I’ll go for it, you have excellent feedback so I don’t see why not 🙂

The card – along with all the others – was sent out in a padded Jiffy bag. As with anything over £20, in order to mitigate against dishonest buyer claims that items “weren’t received” I sent the cards with Signed For delivery.

Yusaf’s package was this one.

As shown by the photograph in the listing, the only thing included was the card itself which as anyone who is familiar with Micro SD cards knows, are very small and almost weightless.


Kai Tirhage

Name: Kai Martin Tirhage
Location: Västra Frölunda, Sweden

Introducing Qwak

Qwak is a fast-paced platformer developed by an indie game developer called Jamie Woodhouse. The first version of the game appeared over 20 years ago on the BBC Micro, and over the years it has appeared on a number of different platforms.

About 10 years ago I purchased 2 copies for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance – one for me and one “just in case”. They weren’t expensive yet I knew the run would be limited so why not?

A few weeks back I came across the games while cleaning out some storage. I checked eBay to see what they were going for and was delighted when I found two copies listed for a lot more than I paid for mine, so I decided to list one of them.

When I originally bought the games they came with a paper manual – literally two pieces of A5 paper stapled together. The manuals weren’t with the games when I found them though so I listed just the cartridge.

One of the other listings on eBay included the manual but was listed at almost twice the price. I reasoned that most people wouldn’t care about such a flimsy piece of paper and looked forward to a sale.

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