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I recently posted about a negative experience we’d had with Sharif Miah of Trustee Property and Oracle Estates in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

One of the many unscrupulous things Sharif was doing was advertising our property on sites like when, due to having dissolved his company when the accounts were due, he had no right to do so.

He claimed to have signed a shorthold tenancy agreement that prevented us from taking the property back, but was showing verified reviews of the property from guests who had stayed there during a period when it was claimed the property was inhabited by that tenant.

Clearly something wasn’t right here, and if Sharif was continuing to let out the property to paying guests with the assistance of an accomplice who was claiming to be a tenant, while not in contract with us and while not paying rent, then clearly this was something that had to come to an immediate end.

With that in mind, I contacted to report the listing and to ask them to remove it. The email included all the necessary details including a link to the listing, evidence of the dissolved company, and assurances that I could provide them with whatever evidence they needed that I was the legal owner of the property.

This post documents our experience.

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